No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 8/6/2008 11:45:25 PM

Well nothing really new to update on, just decided that Id try out Josh's "Rich-Text editor", a brand new feature available on the Rants Control Panel. But being that I dont really have a grand scale of things to talk about Im just gonna fiddle with the buttons for now. I did sorta complain that now Im not gonna be using HTML. Mostly becouse I felt kooler every time I opened a rant with "<p>"...Tee hee.

Well Im looking at it and its a very simple system and I pretty much know what all the buttons do so I guess I wont be littering this rant with random italics and  bold sections...

Something I do find interesting is my inability to indent a single line, but thats something I dont know how to do in HTML either. Also the B I U buttons dont indent themselves so that I know when their activated... Sorta have to guessetimate according to my usage of them. Then I come to a point when I decide that I want to send my rant... But realize that there is not "submit" button. All the nifty editing stuff but I cant send it... Guess I'll just click the HTML buttona and paste this on the old rant editor... <Giggle>

Well its been fun... I was debriefed by Josh on the warning... ( He found out through me that the label should be nice and red so that weak visions like my own could see them) And hope that what I see here is what I get on the rants page. But just in case Im still going to copy this original... God know how many a rant have been lost to expired pages and rant failures.

[Are you sure you want this web page to access your clip board...]



[hellz NO!!!]

[put it in]

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