No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 7/28/2008 4:27:37 PM
Note: this rant was ment for sunday...

Well havent ranted in a while so i guess Id drop a line or two.

Got a hold of Ikimongakari's full version of Blue Bird (finally) and I have to say even after hearing the intro version for so long listening to the full version is like listening to a completely new song. My day job has been getting slow work flow and been getting rumors of possible lay-offs in the future. My department is sorta small but they managed to lay-off someone from it anyways late last year so Im still at risk. I wont worry to much... becouse Im like that.

SAMNIN has gotten little attention from me, mostly becouse It really been heavy on me. Im trying to do some other stuff to make it fresh for me again. Probably another reason its been so slow is becouse a large amount of writing is what needed and Im never in the mood to write. As a result, Ive been doing alot of designing on the part of Zlucy. Some really interesting stuff like the Dynamic Armor on the Zephyr, the Zephyr's 360 degree monitor system and the ZCAP brainwave relay hat (patent pending, tee hee). Mecha long has been a joy for me to draw so its been keeping me entertained quite alot. Still Im hoping to get back to work on SAMNIN soon, befor my concience gets the best of my lazyness.

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