No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 5/26/2004 5:54:01 PM
Oy... My computer is an old one, and a reliable one. But when it has bugs... Oy... Well I'm tryng to work around them as scans and clean ups have proven useless. Still, the computer runs its most important tasks: IM, Neorage, and Photoshop... If it goes online, then thats a plus. Anywho Ive officialy finished the new Chibbis, and they actually look like something. I really don't know what was I thinking when I did the first ones. Lots of artwork needed, and not just for class. The bulk has actually gone to side jobs. Heh, thats what I call them. Josh would call them charity [ and he hates that with a passion]. The fact that I has finacial opportunities, and I'm going around giving art away really ticks him off. Sorry Josh, like you said... " Bad habits die hard"... Well I know he didn't invent the frase, but hes the only one I've heard using it sooooo... Besides that, my English class is testing my patience, and thats what I have most of [got it from my mom, she can be like a rock in space if you don't push her far enough]. I mean the class is cake, but it required us to silently read to ourselves. Now that wouldn't bother me if it was for a grade. But no, we just read to ourselves...Why!!? Why would I spend preciouse drawing time reading, when you do it about every two seconds of your life. You can't go outside with out reading!!! I guess they want to bring up my F-Cat scores up by forcing us to read...I dont give three hamsters about that!! I passed that test to long ago for me to care. I think I have the right to read when ever the hell I want [ if not for a grade...]. So I know that brought my grade down, becouse apparently she checks if your reading or not. Well to add to the misfortunes, this project comes up at the end of the year. Were supposed to video tape our group [which is the misfortunate part ] doing a scene from "Othello". The teacher wanted to know what classmembers had a camera in their possetion. I made my first mistake by doing so... Then she wanted the class to get into their own groups. Now I sit next to two very intelligent and dilligent young ladies [ whos names will not be mentioned]. And so since they were two out of the four that I know in the class [the other two already got groups...] I agreed to work with them, including one of the two's friend [ Oy, why her!?]. So when it comes time to plan a date to do this pain in the arse for a project, every ones busy. They all have work to do or night school. So the friday befor the week the project was due [ during english... out of all the classes...], I brought my camera and prepared new tape and batteries. The time comes to film and the batteries were dead... Both... No problem though. We had a weekend to do it. Oh yeah, I forgot... They have lives... We end up doing it on monday [ during english again...]. We had the auditorium, which was sweet, but it took a year to gain access. Plus they were doing maintenece on it so there was horrible noise in the background... So we were left with limited time. I was willing to go into the next period, and so were two of the girls. But one of them had a bitchy teacher [ as if she was the only one]... So we rush to get her part of the scene out of the way. The the other girls finished it while i fimed [thank god for my small part]...I'm not going into the details on how bad the background... camerawork... Oy ok..everything was bad! And I was the dumbass left to do the editing...I don't know the first thing about editing... Well fastforwarding to the end, the video lookes disapointing, Ms. Ashley hasn't graded it yet, but I know I can kiss my whole year goodby for this bull. Damn it... Ive already packed my equipment. If three girls dissapear, then you know who to blame...

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