No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 5/23/2004 5:44:37 PM
Woot!... Schools almost over...Feels...Weird? Finals around the corner...damn. Ive been used to the routine of high school, doesn't matter though, switchin one routine for another is all. Josh seems to be getting creative since he's addin new stuff. An me? I've been sittin on my ass doing nuttin. Big surprise. Well Josh still has the "30 plus drawings" that we scanned that faithful night, and all I await is the database. Thats like waiting for the fish to jump into your bucket half a mile away from the lake... Anywho, I dont really know how Im going to help with something like that in the first place if I don't even have the right programs on the ol 98. Still, I continue to tell myself that it will eventually get done...Sanitario all!!! [ I thought it was a very funny joke... apparently everyone here but me doesn't have a single funny bone in their body...]

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