No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 8/3/2006 4:03:57 PM

OK another Quick-E.

Finished a bunch of save icons. Although only one is going to be used, I decided to design a bunch so that I wouldn't get that silent Josh treatment and have myself make another... Another art update for the site is that I've finished one of the several banners that will be available for viewing. This one is a color remix of the current banner here on It is a lot smoother and sharper and a hella-va lot cooler looking.

Aside from the site and the comix, I'm taking on chain-mail designs and am practicing some weaving techniques. Soon I'll be making some kool duds for conventions!!!

About the "snag" (music has to be 1940's "do it yourself theme", da one that goofy always has playing during his cartoons)...I think you'll be picking the second one anyways, so I don't think my opinion matters in that case... If ya need visualizations and the problem is still presistant by the time you read this rant, order up another meeting and I'll be happy to draw another map (if I understant what you're trying to do at all).

I guess that all folks... Tune in next time! Same time, same Jorge!

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