No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 6/12/2006 4:56:39 PM
So I rant to you this monday, from my fathers computer. Apparently I have internet.

Unfortunately this damn D-Link wireless modem won't run the connection through, so my computer is left out. Waaaa~

Anywho I started to work on the final panels this weekend, and decided to scan some sketchbook artwork at Dre's house and see what his scanner can do (and if it will scan half the image in a diffrent tone... sorry Josh, had to rank on the ol scanner). Anywho, we gots to playing smashbros... then after a few hours of that, David and Dre began to play Godzilla (which was strangely amusing). After a few hours of that, my body began to feel the tingles of boredom, and Jyro arrived and offered to scan the images. I fell asleep...

Anywho I left my stuff over there so now I'm currently stuck. I'll probably have to go back there and pick it up today so as to work on it tomorrow since I know Dre wont bother dropping it off on a weekday. For now I think I'll take this time to write, or rest my head from all the drawing I did last week.

So now I go my merry way.

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