No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 6/8/2006 10:57:35 PM


My God(huff puff)... Its as if I've been holding my breath (cough)for months...Give me a sec to compose myself.



Ok... I think Im ready...

no wait (coughs a dust bunny the size of a basketball)

Now I'm ready to rant!

Well It has been quite a while and I expected to be full of things to say, other than cough that dust bunny. I guess from going up to Ocala with Josh and killing a bunch of strangers in paintball, not much really has happened.

Comic wise you ask? Well I came today to show Josh the first official strip (It came to me in a dream, well not really I just liked the panels and it was well done compared to other crap I've made- IT SATISFIED ME OK!? Any who, why am I still writing in the bubble?)... Now I forgot what I paused for, I'll just go back and re-read it... Oh right, I went to Josh's house to show him the "official strip". I go inside and his dining room table is full of his stuff. He's apparently cleaning out his room, but what isn't seen here on the site is how bad that room looked. He had the whole table full when I got there, but when I went into his room it hadn't changed much. So anyways back to the comic. Its drawn.

Now I just have to draw the seperate panels then its ready for viewing. The next few pages are also in effect. Dre should be happy.

Jorge's concern lies in the conditions of the site, but for that your going to have to poke Josh...

POKE HIM I SAY, everyrandom person who happens to find the site interesting enough to read Josh's rant and still by some crazy luck begin to read my rant, and find it coherent enough to read down to the part that I start to talk about POKING Josh... Well you may do so in the form of emailing him until he gets to work on it!!!


I think thats all I wanted to say for now.


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