No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 11/17/2005 10:53:10 AM

As far as site design, the basics are there. But I know you want specifics Josh. So lets try it this way. Send me an Email with everything you don't know how we'll integrate. This way we can work backwards and cover all the stuff were not sure about, ie: ranting on the samnin page, comments for the individual art, data base organization.

In general, I want to seperate the art into two main groups. The comic itself, and the individual concept art. From there we can work down to organize. From episodes of the comic to the pages themselves, or for the individual stuff, lets say drawings of just Zenith seperate from the Joruji, or group panels.

Of coarse thats the given stuff. Try to set catagories, that way its easier to find specific drawings. But Josh if you don't have an idea of how to organize the individual art, then set them together in chronological order till I give you the catagories.

On a diffrent topic, I've sent you a very long but incomplete version of what I plan to introduce to the next meeting. For the past three meetings I kept hearing you guys rant about where the comic is going. Well this is where I want it to go. Ofcoarse everything is debateable, and the group will decide the fate of the story, but for the sake of having something to work on I've written this synopsis. Your up to date on things as always, and I've given dre a little taste of what to expect to hear from me on the next meeting. So far Sarai and Jasser are the only ones in the dark on this subject but I plan to explain in great detail and with some visual aids of coarse - where this comic is going.

Chibbis are back on the drawing board. Chibbi Dereyu is already complete, and I've started Chibbi Mei Ling. Not only that but I'm updating our set as well. More colors and detail and sanding down the edges a little. Also I'd like to inquire on a button so that we can choose what chibbi apears above our name. This will give way to the later promised animated ones... Think about that. Sorry for the additional work Josh. Up to you what inflence they'll have on the site. These however, will be welcomed additions to the rant page by me at least, wether they rant or not. It's their chibbis... And they can cry if they want to.


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