No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 11/14/2005 12:54:16 PM

As far as productivity, I've only got past meetings to compare to, and I guess since story is a little more solid, it can only mean more meaningfull meeting(say that five times fast).

On the subject of Chibbi's, I'm still getting to work on them, if they'll be used for ranting or otherwise, but they want em...

I agree with Josh that we're probably not going to meet the deadline at this pace. We barely got any dialogue ready for issue one, I'm however going to begin making the real drawings. Josh I'd like to discusse with you our method of making a page, which I decided to do the art by panels. I want you to be sure on how we can do it, how effective it will be, and how much time will it consume (time isn't our friend right now). Another thing is assignments, if you can schedual meetings and prepare the agenda, then you can also give assignments for the other members...

On that note, Jasser I will be expecting those drawings Inked and ready for my approval by next meeting. You've got my pencils so use them well, becouse I've got alot of work to do and I require them.

As for Dre, I'm going to give him some assignments to see how he does as well.

Finally, I want your feedback on the story so far... That includes the direction that I've taken things from #1 to #5. Also, any other suggestions on #6+... Oh and if you want to suggest some possible art work for Mr. Otaku that we can use to promote SAMNIN then please let me know!

November is already here, and deadlines are just around the corner. If you guys cooperate with each other, we can meet them or even surpass them with more work.

Thanks again to all the members of JRproject group on their work with the comic ^_^!

Joruji out...

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