No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 8/25/2005 4:42:54 PM

Well, guess today was as good as anyday to make my rant. I tried recently to organize a halo night and the day after a SAMNIN meeting. They both fell through horribly. And so I happily releave myself of these duties {heh I said DOO DEE}, since I am no good at them anyways. Josh, never again...

Halo night was going to be great becouse I had Armando "mando" Botello available and Sean had come back from where ever he went to. Unfortunately, Joshua was not committing himself, Jasser had hoes to attend to, Dre had "something to do"... And they pretty much used the same excuse for the meeting next afternoon. Anywho don't know how it really happened, but after getting whupped at halo Julian said something about her sister and Dance Dance. Im ofcoarse still in halo competition mode, and I open my big mouth... All of a sudden during a game we were obviously going to lose, these two girls bust through the door with Dance Dance mats and PS2 CD. Turns out that Julians sister [and her friend] are quite the dance dance players. I had a blast!! Armando and I schooled them in the ways of XBOX DANCE DANCE. Though they did beat us a few times, we showed that we were greater by beating them on their own system.

On the SAMNIN note, Dre and I have been having little meeting and throwing ideas around on how we can incorporate all the characters. He keeps telling me its work, and I keep agreeing with him [thinks that will scareme out of it]. No this will not turn into some SHOJU crap! I refuse! Sanitario!

Joruji out

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