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Post Date: 4/10/2008 7:17:49 PM
Well, we're all back from our trip to Japan and I think all have enjoyed themselves, specially Jorge (at least more than Jasser). We spent a good few days in Tokyo, a couple in Kyoto, and our final day in Tokyo (though most of the day was spent taking the wrong train(s) back.

Kyoto was incredible; we stayed in an area named Arashiyama at a ryokan near a bridge called Togetsu-kyo. The boys fell in love with our hostess and Jasser wanted to marry her (or so I'm told). The food was phenomenal as was the scenery (very rural), and the shopping was great (I picked up some pretty neat gifts down there). We got tipsy on warm sake, but unfortunately the flower didn't make it through the night and they had to change it the following morning for a cheaper bouquet. Jasser and I stuck together most of the time, while Jorge and Dre went on their own excursion (up the mountain). I got to eat a delicious ice cream something, not sure what it was exactly, but it tasted pretty damn good. The traditional Japanese breakfast and supper we were eating at the ryokan was at tasty as it was exotic.

Our late return to Tokyo left us with few options and so we moved immediately toward our final rounds at Gundam Zakura. Afterward we were off to Roppongi to visit a bar that Jasser and Dre had found on their previous excursion and spent the rest of the night (roughly) until about 3 in the morning. Everyone was pretty much dead on the return flight to the States.

I'm not big on photos for this site, but maybe I'll get something up in the future. I suppose that'll do for now; this is Josh signing off...

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