No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 3/28/2008 8:10:17 AM
Well, quick message direct from Tokyo (it's about 8:45PM). We travelled from MIA to LAX to NRT, overall 17 hours of fly time.

A trip on the Yamanote line took us from Shinigawa, where our hotel's located at, to Shinjuku where Jasser and I started walking about the district. Stopping at a Mister Donut, I had myself a pon of macha (very tasty) with some coffee; we then continued our excursion. A quick pass thru a local temple and soon headed toward the station.

We jumped onto the Choe line (local not express) and headed directly for Akihabara electric town. Tech, games, and manga everywhere. Got a chance to play Tekken 6, uber graphics and tons of characters to choose from. Jasser dueled with a local as I tried out the Guilty Gear XX Core (very, very nice). We moved on to explore more of the district before finally having a late lunch at KFC (that's about five countries worth of KFC down). Jumped back on the Yamanote line at Akihabara station and headed back to Shinigawa for a nap after our lunch.

More to come...

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