No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 9/6/2007 8:34:41 AM
Today has started out to be a peculiar day; with this in mind, I plan to take measures to avoid turning this into some sort of blog. This morning I woke up nuetral, completely nuetral, which is (well) a dangerous thing in the world of Josh. It's sort of like a pendulum: my mood, my thoughts, even the little emotions that like to take over me will swing constantly in both directions. In another sense, this can be a good thing if I have time to keep to myself and use this constant swing to reflect on ideas and thoughts 'cause it may be sad memory or thought, but I won't remain that way, or an idea may be great and then I'll see the flaw in it. Either way, this morning is neutral and my job is to make that go away (fortunately business can take care of that for me).

Jorge, as far as I can tell, will probably put as much effort into the project as Jasser or I, which would mean that the project is as good as dead in the water. Perhaps the idea that none of us really put much effort into it, except Jorge who actually toys with the story chaging it around and drawing concept art when it comes to him, the lack of effort may reflect a lack of desire and these simply are not the ingredients to any successful venture.

I've put some thought into whether I should continue running this site as well as the other few domains I've got up and running. Gentlemen, if you would please offer your opinions on the matter...
I will not be doing anything until I return from my travels abroad toward the end of this month. This should be more than enough time for you come up with a resolution. I may even permit posting to this question.

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