No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 8/22/2007 8:28:27 AM
A short update for today. Life's become a little weird. Folks that claim they are never surprised are a great risk of being harmed by the one thing that ever manages to catch them off guard.

The project is at a standstill. Jorge refuses to cooperate with the group and Jasser believes that we mustn't replace the artist, so the story has (once again) come to a complete stop. Concern for other matters keep me too preoccupied to feel disappointed and I much prefer this small disappointment as oppose to everything else being thrown at me.

A vision came to me after a very bad night and now Jorge is trying his best to draw what I described. Some interesting symbolism pops up in my head and from one bad choice, a mistake of sorts, is born a new idea (cost me a whole lot though).

I may finally be playing some part in Jorge's side project (which will remain unnamed until something gets completed) and somehow the role seems familiar to me.

Anything else cannot be mentioned by me, so I leave this update at this.

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