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Post Date: 7/19/2007 10:38:54 PM
Apologies all 'round, I've been traveling quite some lately and had not the time to get a rant up and running; I'll try my best to include as much as possible, but keep it short.

Attended MetroCon (Tampa, FL) and had a hell of a time. Stayed at the Embassy Suites that turned out to be across the street from the convention center (never done that before) and even had a skyway connecting the two facilities. 5:00 to 7:30 was a manager's reception (fancy name for happy hour) and the liquor was free, safe to say I was buzzed every night; Alexis (Stbx) was with me, so we were having good times. Met Steve Bennett, got his autograph and helped clean his table of books he was sellin' off; went to his panel (sober, in the middle of afternoon) on "How to Talk to Girls" and had a good few laughs; he says that I look like an Andrew that has similar spending habits as I (cleans out his table). Went to a panel on "Guilty Pleasures" (non-hentai/porn materials) that covered each person with one anime and one non-anime; I went buzzed to this one and recall confessing three shows I watch and felt good knowing I wasn't alone (and that topic ends there). The afterhours party was awful and full of little girls too yound to be wearing what they didn't have on. Bumped into Elden over there and got my hands on some sweet soundtracks, not to mention I bought Jorge a Rick Dom Special (which is huge) and Jorge started spending more quality time with me suddenly (go figure ^_^). Came back home with some nice goodies.

This last weekend I flew down to Peru and spent my days in Arequipa where I was received very well and had a very nice time; I won't go into details of the weekend, but I can say that a freakin' lot of liquor was involved. Had some really good ceviche, cuy, chicha morada, and pisco; Peru had some very tasty treats. I didn't get much as far as photos go (as usual), but many good memories and a possible return trip in the distant (not-so-distant) future. Got some marketing done for Sam/Nin and I've got some character designs now circulating amongst the middle to high school population, so I'm glad to say I got something really good accomplished (now if only Jorge would finish the damn episode).

My signed copies of MegaTokyo volume 5 came in yesterday as well as some signed posters, really cool (goes well with the copies of Warmth I found at MetroCon [that Steve Bennett autographed], which I hope to also get signed by Fred Gallagher). All in all I'm playing catch up with the many things I've got going on right now; funny thing is that I thought I was moving toward a more simplified life, but somehow I always stumble into a pocket of complication.

That's all for now, expect another update in the near future (unlike last time and) unlike my collegues here.

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