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Post Date: 5/29/2007 12:02:29 AM
I have to admit, I'm very excited. Few folks out there are fully aware of the reasons for which the Sam/Nin has taken so long to debut, even to post much of any artwork related to such. The truth will finally be unveiled soon and this is what leads me to my excitement. I have just reviewed the first three pages of episode 1 and am quite satisfied for having waited so long. Jorge has picked up some new ability in subtle details that is showing in his work (one of many things I had hoped would occur throughout these long years). It takes him some time to get some finals done (with regard to the episode pages) and I can't blame him as I haven't been keeping everyone on the ball.

The site's coming together, a bit slower than I care for, but I'm waiting for the meat and potatoes (the damn comic episode) before really posting up much. Much information and content really depends on the comic, so I'm not able to release some of the sensitive info just yet until the story progresses (you know, like a characters page can't be complete until all have been introduced). I suppose this Memorial Day weekend has been good for getting everyone going again, but I'm going to be relentless until this thing is running smoothly. After a year of (not) operating, the company we formed will be taking to action and reorganizing as debits are gonna start hitting to books. This also means I might have to put up a quick little site for the company, but that can wait for the time being.

Well, I'm very excited and looking for to the future release of the long-awaited comic.

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