No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 5/21/2007 3:19:54 PM
I've brought back one of my old projects, so for those few that ever visited, Memoirs of a Novice is back up and running with some new and improved layout. I'm hoping to actually get some stories coming into the site, so those of you willing to part with a story or two please be so kind as to share with us.

The group has met this past Saturday and the meeting (as the weekend) wasn't quite as productive as I would have prefered it to be. The only good news is that I found the company's EIN number, which I had been searching for (a while.). I certainly hope the fellas got the idea I was trying to get across about cost sharing for the project (nudge, nudge); given enough time I'll be blatanly forward. The Sam/Nin site has finally gotten a page, though I wanted to actually post something (more), at least I've got a fresh page up (more updates to come). The group's about to get something that they're not accustomed to... work and presentation.

I addition to these last updates, I'm also planning on rolling out some changes to the my company website ( to include online version of my (very few) newsletters. Moreover, I plan to add a new section to this site, details of which I will be witholding for the time being.

I've got a few more plans to carry out, but I don't wish to overburden myself (so I won't even mention the stuff for the future). Once I get these gears moving the momentum starts to pick up, so I'm rooting to get quite a bit done.

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