No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 5/18/2004 6:22:44 PM
Well, I've added the "Review Old Rants" page. I was wondering how I could introduce the feature of reading old rants and just yesterday [more like today] I was helpin' out my sis with a project she had to do [sometime around midnight] and while I waited for a final email from one of her group members, I logged into JoshRicart and started a little work. In perhap a half hour, I put together a real quick page that would allow visitors to check the old rants, more like a review. I've not expanded on this, seeing as how it was a quick thing I did and didn't bother too much with it. I'd like to do something a little more original, though. All that I've done so far seems very easy and like child's play [hmm]. I'd like to try some more difficult stuff, but then again, time is a major issue here. What with school and then work, I'm not in any particular mood to do some more work. I'll be outta school in a little bit and if I've only need to concentrate on my office work, then I'm sure I won't be so tired by the time I get home. I think I'll get to work on the avatars next [icons], maybe make it possible for us to change as we please.

As usual, I've seen better days #_#

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