No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 5/13/2004 8:39:39 PM
First off, I use ASP and databases and sometimes the users that log on [namely Jorge, Jasser, and me] will at times conflict with each other and so the whole thing goes to hell. It usually 'fixes itself' in some time as IIS should restart it on its own. I really dislike this about the DB and will, in time, find a better method of allowing connections to the DB for modifying [ie rants]. As for what I planned to post...

I purchased a five-stalk bamboo pot [five for wealth] and plan to take it to the office for my desk [btw, I moved to a new {bigger} desk]. Additionally I bought a drum for further decoration of said desk.
Now I sit here, enjoying my tea [it is very good]. Bought myself a new teapot and so I now bask in the glory of my good fortune. With Pocky [already gone] and Yan Yan cookies [soon to be gone], I write you my rant for today. So I say to you, may good fortune fall upon you.


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