No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 9/11/2006 9:27:01 AM
I've never been very good at coping with my ailments and yesterday was no exception. The meeting was terrible and I could only say that productivity served a mere 5% of the time. My illness prevented me thinking straight and focusing, so the group shared in these same symptoms and I learned something new: I have to organize the groups thoughts, otherwise very little gets done (oi).

I am slightly disgruntled by the fact that in my absence productivity drops, but it's all a part of maintaining the lead.

Next meeting will be a bit more aggressive toward getting something presentable together. I wish to prepare material for the public, which I imagine should get Jorge and Jasser quite a bit excited. Additionally, we need to get to the topic I wanted to cover on website aesthetics. I've got some samples I want to share with the group and perhaps we can try something a little different with the way wa present the pages.

Now that the history has been covered and we've begun on the major points in the story, we're gonna start creating some realistic and specific deadlines. I'm no longer allowing any vague deadlines anymore (such as an entire episode by a certain date), instead we're gonna work it the way it works in reality: piece by piece. Deadlines are gonna be specific and as broken down a task as possible. This way I can better manage the project, we'll be able to better record what is happening (allowing us to make judgements about what works and what doesn't), and the group will actually accomplish them.

Needless to say, next meeting will be a bit lengthy, but we will be getting much work done. Please begin considering when you would possibly be able to "stomach" a full-day meeting sometime in the near future. I'll be checking future schedules to make certain it doesn't interfere with any social, work, or other event.

That's all from me; until later then... checking out.

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