No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 9/5/2006 1:42:01 AM
Well then, I recommend reading Fred Gallaghers rant as it is quite interesting (comic 901).

I have spruced up the Sam/Nin dev page a little and added the timeline we've been working on, so that's up for viewing now all ye with login ability. It took me a bit, since I'm not used to this new media (but it works for the time being).

Here's the update on the latest (and greatest):
there have been two meetings in the last two days and we've been working on backstory. All the historical facts prior to the start of the story are being noted and a timeline is made to keep track of all this information. We've decided to move on with the project and are taking the necessary steps required to begin telling of this story. With the history locked down the story won't risk running into any anomolies, which has been my concern for a very long time.

A final decision that was made at the table on this night (tecnically yesterday) is setting up the story for production. The future holds some tiresome nights and quite some frustration, but we are looking forward to the future and hold true to our original vision.

It is safe to say that the gears are in motion, so stay tuned for the latest news on developments. Next meeting is scheduled for Sunday evening and, until further notice, will remain a "closed-door meeting." Not to be rude, but focus has become imperative and the day winds rather quickly and I am not welcoming tangents.

Until further notice, this is Josh... signing off.

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