No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 5/17/2006 6:21:58 PM
So then I finally get an update from one of the members and now he's demanding my update; top it off with the other one still without net connection.

The latest from the team is zilch... not a damn thing has been done with regard to group work and I'm not about to do much about that on account of a new technique I've learned in recent days. There is a meeting coming up tomorrow that I'm hoping will put the group in a different kind of motion, relying less on my personal motivation and more on the individuals that are truly involved. At this I chuckle.

This past weekend has granted me new knowledge, which I now consider one of the few most important things I have ever learned in my life. I have returned to Miami and changed man and without limit I will apply this "newfound, inherent ability."

I'll end this (relatively) short rant on this final note: the group will not be the same after tomorrow's meeting, I guarantee it.
Folks, you have a nice time out there in the real world and I'm gonna skedaddle. Until next...

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