No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 5/10/2006 11:23:09 PM
Ok... Here I am in all my amazing glory, ranting from Fabrizzio's sidekick on my way to get a colombian hot dog. I've had a pretty tough week I guess. Working followed by more working and school just started as well. Sorry I know this sounds like a blog, I'm merely giving an excuse for not ranting. Not like many people scroll down far enough to read what Jasser has to say Fuck em' though... We need to get something done on the project. Last meeting ended up being a social experience instead of work but w\e I'm not complaining. It ended up fun and I smoked a tobacco like a cuban guy. Fun stuff. Looking forward to productivity in the next meeting and possibly a completed poster... jorge Its not really expected but then again Jasser likes being surprised... Like when there's a naked girl lying in ur bed. Tight wotk. Well homies I'm out

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