No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 4/30/2005 4:12:27 AM
Hey guys, writing to you guys from Pheonix, I finally got a chance to hook up my sister's computer. I actually have been here since last here around 8pm.

I got to drive the night shift which was from 10 pm- 4 pm the next day. Sounds fun doesn't it. One thing to tell you, I Hate Texas. The friggin cops pulled me over for going 6 mph over the speed limit. Luckily my sister has big boobs so I got off with a warning.

Damn hick cops.

Hope you guys dont have too much fun on the meeting tommorow if you do still have it. One idea I have for the meeting which might save me the 10 dollars is that I want a pet. Like a bear or something gangsta like that. I mean it would add to my coolness. lol well guys I'll talk to you later on. Be back next friday incase you wanted to know.

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