No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 6/17/2005 4:14:26 PM

Yay, I see Jasser lives. Well Jas, in honor of Josh being away I hope you'll rant a little more...

Well with the absence of Josh on his trip to Atlanta {which I'm not going to bother talking about, I'm sure he's gonna have much to fill in with... }, I sit here with no feedback except Jassers. Not that Jassers feedback isn't important, but that I can't go ahead with anything offical with out the whole groups content. I have however gone ahead with some new NGEARS designs. So far only seen by a few, the designs are looking quite spiffy. Although mostly rough sketches done on the computer, their coming along quite well. The mech designs are quite complicated, but in my opinion they look and move a little more natural than the originals. As soon as Josh ever gets on his JR work, I'll post up as many as I can. On to character designs, which I hope will be more original than my SAMNIN stuff.

I've still yet to see any Email replys from Josh, therefore SAMNIN is stuck where it is, again. More concept art for the script I wrote is out [sketchbook, so they require scanning], all I need is the GO and Ill start page layout again... I'm excited, which isn't normal.

Gonna see if I can get the working rythem again. Sanitario!

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