No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 6/11/2005 5:00:03 AM

Well Ive just finished the overview for the next script attempt for SAMNIN. I showed it to Jasser a little while ago, and it passed his test. Also, I just finished sending it to Josh via email, so he'll probably take a look at it later today. It's just an overview describing scenes and some insight on how I want the story to go about. No real word-to-word stuff yet.

Aside from the script, I did some concept art on a video game I though up of. It involves the sSAMNIN characters in one-on-one duels, paper rock scissor style. Mabey if it becomes something Ill make intresting match ups, like two on two combat. Or five on six... Not to mention the special abilities I've cooked up for a little flare on the side. Did I mention it's chibbi? Expect comic appeal... Oi, Look at me. I'm talking as if I can actually program it! Well what can I say, I'm a dreamer! That's what makes me go on! With all this angst going around, making stuff up is what keeps the ol' gears running!

On a side note, I decided to go ahead and sign myself up on Primerica. Don't see what the big deal was, since Eddy wanted to "walk me through it". I hate it when I'm treated like a baby. I'm lazy, absentminded, and I'm a horibl spelar, but an infant I am not! > . < Anywho, I can take the sim now and better myself for my life license, then I can worry about making money! WOOT! [Begins to dream of things to buy] Ahh, now thats a MAN's LEADPENCIL...

Hmm? Where was I? Oh right, Josh just let me know that he saw Episode III... I am officially the only one who hasn't seen the damn movie. Prepare for a "Joruji goes postal" moment, following a respective cataclismic event...

sanitario... -_-

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