No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 4/29/2005 1:58:17 PM

JO! I'm back from a nice little ranting break. Josh, I assume is to the point of complaining. Well top the reasons why I've held off ranting: I'm in writer's block. The second is becouse the friggin PC kept shutting off spontaneously on me.

Now although both artist's block and writer's' block are a common occurance for me, I'm usually more prone to the artist's block. Unfortunately the latter comes in larger doses so I haven't been able to bring much out on SAM/NIN, except for the stuff already down on paper. My solution? NGEARS...

I went back to the old sites checked out what was new, and ofcoarse did my mecha studying. BY GOLLY if I were to hear another MEGAMAN joke on my current mecha design I was going to paintball someone to death... Well to explain that, my original designs were of a simple mech robot. When I say simple I mean of 70s jap mech style. Im talking Getter Robo and Mazinger Z stuff [ thank you Nagai Go, your an inspiration]. Some how since the culturally lacked mecha fans are more familiar with MEGAMAN's simple robot design, guess who the GEARS B-WOLF01 resembled.

So after a few hours of looking over newer art from both my end and professionals, I've redesigned the NGEARS look. I must say I'm impressed with my draftsmanship on this one. I looked through alot of Katoki Hajime's work... The man is a genius, check out Gundam Sentinel!!! After talking all this crap, I'm still only down to the torso on WOLF and have much to design. That and I want to prepare the artpage layout for the site, that is if this friggin computer doesn't turn off on me again... sanitario

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