No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 4/22/2005 12:21:59 PM

Started working on some sketches for the comic, some stuff I want you guys to take a look at. Then there's preperations for the site to handle the scans. I've yet to make anything concrete on how I want to present the images, but I do have an idea on what I want. Of coarse there will be divisions of the three main themes, the third being the film. When we do begin work on it, I plan to add concept art and story board, plus anything that we can add as extra fun stuff to look at.

Within the SAM/NIN I want an art, sketches, and concept art sections. The art will be initially where the comic will be put befor I organize it. Sketches will have all the stuff that I've done on characters and landscapes and stuff. Concept will have more concrete detailed images of things that would possibly appear in the comic.

As for NGEARS I'd like to prepare the similar layout as that of SAM/NIN. Not much besides that until I begin on the aggresive stuff with in it.

I'm going to try to prepare enough stuff to not make another meeting about the same subject. Want to get site layout out of the way so we can get scans up and begin on the concrete work of the comic.

One last thing... Should I work on this from left to right, or right to left?

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