No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 3/15/2005 11:59:46 PM

Eh, Josh has ranted so I guess I'll indulge myself...

On a set of good news, things are looking better. I have started eating again, which is a good sign. SamNin is on its feet again, and although its still crawling, it crawls ferociously! I have started to work out a timeline. This is just one among the many preperations which will help in the over all story telling, that I have again begun to attempt. Even Jasser sort of knows whats happening [wow].

Being a ronin however, I seem to have a problem finding a solid cash flow. I'm currently working on a logo for a local artist's project. Its an interesting little thing he's doing which I won't fill in the detail on... Out of respect for the artists privacy, and possible legal purposes. Aside from that, I have started helping my dad on his routes. Although I am getting paid, I seriously think no one gets paid enough for what he does all day. To avoid anymore embarrasment, I'll refrain from stating his current employment.

Then there's school... It wouldn't so bad [becouse I'm actually not doing half bad] if it wasn't for having to see her three times a week. My heart dies the moment I smell her, and the day goes with it... sucks to lose a saturday, oh well... I await the next semester. My Math has been good, and I'm surprised! I'm sure Josh and Jasser are too. The teach even said he was impressed, which I question weather to take it as a compliment or not...

Site wise, I've sent Josh plenty of artwork... Not to mention spend a day [or at least a quarter of one] scanning images of new artwork at his house. He has no excuses!! Muahahah! Although according to him, I'm not at my old peek yet. I'll do my best, these hands need to get back in the groove! [By the way] Jasser, Ive made chibbi designs. Its just a matter of drawing out the animations and deciding what program to run it off of. As for the SAM NIN-intro everyone has heard about [becouse I kept showing it around...] its becoming harder to work on. For future refrence, don't use movie maker for hand made frames. I schedual it to be done by next year at full smoothness and color.

I've been missing sleep [I wonder why] and have been meaning to catch up on it, but the work I do is usually done at night. So to hell with that.

So I leave you with a new quote...

"If you really want to hurt your parents and you don't have the nerve to be a homosexual, the least you can do is go into the arts." Kurt Vonnegut

Just kidding, sanitario...

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