No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 1/20/2005 7:31:51 PM

Well, as for those who don't know what Josh means by his "swing", it means he's practicing with his BASTARD SWORD. Yes, he ownes one... Yes, he knows how to use it. Just making sure our friendly viewers dont send e-mails about sacking poor Josh. We live in a world full of inuendo.

Aside from that... The DIPCS site looks good. Too bad no one else can see it. The reason being that I was busy the night Josh came over. I was playing INKLINK with Hime. I mean, how could Jorge control himself from quiting a drawing game... Especially since one of the guys was a smart ass. It was interesting the way he'd draw out words like "cockpit". Well, that was until he started drawing afros on all his subjects, and everyone thought he ment afro. Anywho, Josh was on a time frame left prematurely. WAAA

My job is soon to be rid of me, so now I'm on a desperate hunt. Desperate, I say! Jorge does not want to flip burgers... He wants to pay for them, then eat them!! If it comes to that however, I'll do it with a smile (and a knife behind my back). My resume doesnt look too appealing, and the next office job available will have me doing costomer service. Me, costomer service? It just, doesnt work...

Oh well, I can always hope for japan right?... Never mind.

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