No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 12/6/2004 2:04:19 PM

well ive been thinking of something to post for 'halo night'...unfortunatly ...the game was quite overwhelming for me, and keeping track of specific events is tough...i remmeber dying...alot... but i also remmeber killing alot as well... [see what i mean]. i did however have a good conversation with sean "the black democratic bastard" [its like a call sign] a few nights ago about that night and some experiences he's had after as well... so i posted that [although i do plan on posting the epic battle through my eyes later on when ive had some reviewing with the other combatants]...

Anywho, aside from that, ive gotten dbz3 and its quite spiffy... although i havent had josh and jasser come over for some battling and im hoping for some time to do that, becouse i did enjoy breaking them into the game the first time...and im sure gonna love breaking em into this one even more!!!... either that or my cousins, who are coming over for the holidays, will get their beat down for them...[they better come, dont get to see enough of them and its starting to get to me]

still working on the dipcs site... and although i do belive ive already passed the dead-line on that.... josh hasent complained... [why havent you complained damn it!!!... perhaps its cause hes behind on work as well... :p] anywho... the design looks decent so far and im getting an idea of how the site layout should look to be useful, easy, and effective... which is what ive been going for... going to need to find a scanner for this project... probably use armando's being that im not supposed to bother josh on this >_<... ILL SAVE THAT FOR THE COMIX WORK!!!...

on that note... i belive i completed my first book. quite short, and very bad plot, but ive completed it. unfortunalty i cannot share it... [sux to be you]. rebecca started her new gov'nt job today and im waitng on her report on things. hope this one goes better than all the others... -_-

this is jota... over an out

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