No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 11/22/2004 8:55:01 PM

whoa, been a while since i ranted. i bet even jasser's record should be watching his back. well to update... have done some rearanging in my room. almost spend my whole weekend moving boxed and junk around. thanx to josh and hime, i was able to spend some jota time instead of wasting it on productive household management. the dipcs site is designed, my only problem is that i designed it like a jpeg and the site was gonna be done like a word document [cut and paste] as easy as that sounds, we all know how competent/reliable i am... tried out the new halo. lots of diffrences... thing is, after playing it for a few hours, i started to forget how diffrent it was... and worried more about weather i should stick to blading everybody or go with the dual blasters... that put aside, it been anudder jorge weekend. the goods, the bads... its 8:23 on my pc clock[quite early for jorge], but im wishing it ran faster so i could end this crap night... oy. well i promised myself seppuku was out of the question... too messy. i really havent worked on the web comics enough...or at least put as much effort on them as i wanted to... they seem to be drifting out of my reach, and frankly i think im expecting too much from myself. 2 comix, both of which i love the concepts on... but i am incapable of writing storyline. josh has proven it to me countless times. that and as an animator im far too unexperienced, basically dont even know where to start. the whole fine arts thing could work if i go to school for it... thing is what do i do after? how will that pay off in the end. im constantly told to look toward the future, start to do things formyself and get an education... how have i reacted to this?... well im sitting here typing rants... i may not be motivated, or something isnt ticking right. whatever it is, the money im saving up for japan will probably be used to buy beer and pay the light bill for the one room apartment in hialeah im probably going to be living in for the rest of my life [im paying light so i can power the poratable tv in the furniture-less living room]. sigh* i think i ranted enough for tonight, somehow josh seems to be coming despite my mood... so i guess ill suck it up and eat my potatoe salad...

Joruji out

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