No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 9/21/2004 3:18:38 PM
That was an interseting weekend... well ill begin on friday, when Hime and her friends [and of coarse me], decided to go to boomers. Josh was unfortunately occupied that day so he couldnt join us for the fun. It was a night of gaming and stuff... and you know stuff can be fun ^_^ first thing I did was challenge Hime to a dance dance off... she however has surpassed my L347 NII\IJA skillz, so the battle was a worthy one to witness. shortly after we did some conventional racing games... some fighters...some shooters... Did some mini golf... I now know ninjas cant mini-golf. we finally walked to the other side of the park to do some go-karting... muaahahahah and l347 are my skillz there as well [although im still not a licensed driver]... well we got in line and as always Chris [as in Jessy's boy-friend Chris] got anal with Jessy so she didnt get in line... so it was Chris in first car, some dark looking tall dude in the second, me in the third car and Hime behind... i wont list the rest of the pack becouse they are as unimportant as ketchup on tomatoe soup. Anywho...we took off in a line... and as the race started Chris and the "tall dark dude" began to disappear in the horizon... so i decide to floor it [i really didnt realize how much power the little car had till they let me out of the starting range..] Chris was way ahead, and the dark dude began to pull away, finally i see him again swerving around back and forth...ON PURPOSE? yes, he seemed like he wanted a little competition. So i close in, carefully watching his moves as to not bump him [it wasnt allowed]. he began a sort of stop and go driving to sorta throw me off, but it only made passing him much easier. he noticed this so he started taking the inside of the curves once more. While he did this Hime came outta no-where and passed me and took the dark dude by surprise. I had quite the smile on my face after seeing that. but as she pulled in front of him, i noticed he got upset [my girlfriend is a better go-karter than he is ^_^] and on the corners he began to bump her... I was like:"WTF!?"...they disappeared around some S-curves and when the road straghtens again, i see Chris's car... backwards on the road. Didnt know that could happen i though to myself...better be careful in the future. Hime apparently regained much speed from his ideotic antics... bumping her was slowing him down. as i began to pull closer to him, his face regained that evil smile he had earlier. "heheh couldnt get the chick so ill get this loser"... the next corner was a long left turn. and he tried to slow me down once more... the jack-ass was annoying at first, but bump my girlfriend [who suffers from back problems] and then comes for me again... he slowed down on my right side [bad move], thinking i would do the same. instead i accelerated and pulled towards his right rear tire... with his steering wheel turning left, i managed to fish-tail him into a spin, leaving him turned the wrong way on the track... i just looked at his face and gave a nice smirk as i pulled away. i finished second to hime. After that i killed some energy on dance dance again [the arcade ones are spiffy, exept for the metal bottoms... hime couldnt dance barfooted on those]... Then as out last fun filled exercise, we went lazer taggin. Since they were closing up soon [was like 1:30...] they let us 4 play for 15 ^_^... I wont speak of the massacre that i unleashed on those in my sights... muahaha used swat team tact-ticts and no one stood a chance... although Hime was the most enthousiastic and is quite the gun fighter...many times she got me with her jump-duck-cover-rolling moves... also she would come bearing gifts [a sweet kiss] then leave me dying after a shot to the heart at point blank range [it was worth it thought]... she even lured me into a turret with her woman-like powers... That was a fun night for jorge...-friday

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