No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 9/13/2004 11:16:35 AM

aww, man i feel like a cripple... last night was so damn hot that i couldnt sleep in my room... i went downstaris where the air at least vents, and slept on the couch. now i wake up with that rag-doll feeling... oy, well on to buisness... ive come up with a new list of to-do's...

*learn to drive legally...

*license myself to drive legally

*buy a scanner

*project fandango (spanking new... although its not going to be released to the public)

*NGEARS- continue gone up to at least five drafts for episode scripts(coming soon to a rant near you)

*SAMNIN- been looking at the old scetches and want to continue..or at least begin the ol'crew's adventure...

*go to the "happy store", and yes thats what im naming it, who knows how young the kids are who read this stuff...

*finish preperations on hime's "gift", planning a great b-day gift... but itll probably cut me up on the budget...

-speaking of budgets-

*finish ninja gear arsenal... and it wont be, until i can cover a manaquin full of jitsu

*collect 600 extra buck, father (for some reason) needs cash to buy a chain saw, josh questions... while the world f34I25

*wear contact lenses... i cant do it, i mean i can, but its friggin annoying!!! yet i must, for i have already paid for the test...

*take over russian and north asian regions, need resources in order to push back josh's finacially adequate army... i cant belive he let the french rebuild

*smile with teeth, i dont do it naturally for some reason...its so much easier to smirk...^__^

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