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This next rant will be an informal one for the back bone of my nightmare gears project... its basically some character portrayals and history on the comic. This is all still changing and evolving, but its solid stuff... At least i would say...

ARMOR - basically manned bipedal battle machines. Dubbed ARMOR, for its resemblance to a knight ready for battle. They are good in most terrain and can be equipped with a large variety of ordinance including melee weapons. ARMOR has been in use even before 2050, when the third world war had finished. Since then however, advancement in the technological specs in ARMOR haven’t been necessary. That was until the EMPERIAL ARMADA OF DUNE began their war on the world. A race for ARMOR superiority began and all the companies began to make expensive ARMOR programs in order to compete. Many went bankrupt and had to retreat to the surface. ARMOR is made fully articulated in order to follow the pilot’s movements or commands. Many of the limbs can be equipped to carry weapons, ammo or other misc items. The Main camera is usually located in the head.

GEA - Genetically Enhanced Armor 2061

GEARS - Genetically Enhanced Armor Ready System 2096

GEERA - Genetic Ecological Effusion Ready Angel 2069

Terrestrial Wars - After the year 2050, the world had finished its third World War. At the end, most countries had entered poverty, and blame was spread among allies and enemies alike. Several smaller wars continued for years to come leaving the earth ravaged. The only remaining piece of civilization existed out side of the Earth. Floating now aimlessly, old colonies began to either repair or abandon to the unforgiving Earth. The ones able to withstand began to grow their own foods, and recreate civilization. Many of these colonies grouped together, creating commercial interests with one another. Soon companies flourished. The space world had forgotten why they blew each other up... and the remaining nomads on Earth only cared for survival. With food, shelter and water in low supply, often taking it from others was the best way to go. Being that it was a 12 year war that left the Earth in its current state, weapons and munitions weren’t hard to find. Many of the space companies found an interest in the nomads. The most popular being, Olympia Co. or Titan Co, who supplied them with weapons. They would trade for rare foods, fossil fuels, minerals of value, or slavery. Many companies moved to the earth, with stability on their side, they began to recreate their civilization land based. The EMPERIAL ARMADA OF DUNE is one of these land based colonies that flourished. Although some colonies welcomed nomads, the ARMADA ran an idealistic government that believed in only one true civilization. 2092, the ARMADA began a campaign in which they would eliminate all other civilizations and nomads, making them the supreme terrestrials. Weapons companies took this to their advantage and sold many munitions and technology to the nomads, who were out manned and out gunned. ARMORS were used even during the ten year war, but with the technological advances of the ARMADA OF DUNE, newer weapons had to be made to compensate. Currently the ARMADA has occupied all territories along the eastern coast of ASIA and is moving towards EUROPE. If the ARMADA takes the EURASIAN continent, business and expansion will be impossible for the space companies.

Test Children - the 15 boys and girls used in the GEA, GEERA and GEARS project. 11 boys and 4 girls were used. Each was taken from their mothers as fetus, from either colonies in orbit or from camps on earth. The original test subjects for GEA were 2 girls and 1 boy. They were never given code names, and all three were incapacitated after only a few experiments. They slowly died while on life support, but with the research done, they made it possible to control the genetic instability and mutations of later GEARS. The remaining 12 continued the GEARS projects. One girl was used for GEERA, Xiao's dream project. But it was paused due to lack of funding.

Stim Cell - Created by Doctor Xiao, stim cells involve nano technology that can create metals within the blood stream at an accelerated rate by splicing electrons. Because of Xiao's strict secrecy on his work, much is unknown about the process and how the matter is created within an organic body of mass. Side effects of stim cells include increase of age, brain mass and muscle mass at accelerated rates.

Extensive Stim Cell - designed by Doctor Karr, this new type of stim cell eliminated most of the human cells and replaced them with nano machine used for the host's GEAR form.

Olympia Co. - the company in which the GEAR project was started, it was run by President Gruger and his son Vice president Victor Gruger. Soon after Zeto became combat operational, the GEARS weapons project was presumed scrapped. Until Victor over threw his father using Zeto, revived the weapons project. Olympia Co. makes most of its weapons for the EMPERIAL ARMADA, and is hated by many of the Earth based companies.

Titan Co. - the leading weapons company for the terrestrial wars... their latest project being the Z4-Pheonix All Purpose Combat ARMOR. It competes mostly with the space going companies which are usually the most technologically advanced. Ironically, it is an Earth based company.

Zeto - GEARS-RX00S ... the infamous WHITE WERE GEAR... and first GEAR to successfully survive a years worth of experimental and data finding projects... A trusting person and often naive to situations, he looked to his little brother Jeuno for guidance. His uncontrollable strength made him dangerous, and was soon after destroyed in an accident...Or so it was reported... An injection of Ex Stim cells made him a full GEAR, non-human bio weapon... an uncontrollable beast of pure mayhem. Zeto was considered the most powerful GEAR due to his human form being discarded, leaving his energy concentrated towards his GEAR form. This becomes a problem around long drawn out battles due to the large amounts of energy needed to power the GEAR state. He relies on constant rest and often hibernates to survive.

Vynta Zeto Iva - GEERA-YX .05 ... the prototype HALF GEAR or known by others as the INFANT GEAR, she’s a perfect mix between GEAR and human. Unlimited energy being her true purpose, her powers was rumored to have unbelievable supremacy over the current GEARS projects. However she was never activated and her body was destroyed by Doctor Karr shortly after the rebellion of Olympia Co. and thus her powers were only speculations.

Iva Ko-Sin- GEARS-RX05 ... the sixth GEAR and first female specimen to be made a GEAR. Her powers were all experimental, elemental bursts ranging from: combustion, temperature control and electrical field manipulation... which dubbed her the WITCH GEAR... She's quiet and normally keeps to herself. But when around Jeuno, she becomes outspoken and fast thinking, usually to compensate for Jeuno's act first think later strategy during combat.

Jeuno - GEARS-RX01 ... known as the rouge GEAR, this WERE GEAR is the only one with out the new stim cell modification. Thus, is the only one who isn’t under the command of Doctor Michel Karr. When around friends, he is a mild mannered boy who always thinks twice about things. During fights however, his mind switches to instinct. Being a GEAR increases much of his attributes and judgment making him a still effective fighting machine. Jeuno is Zeto's younger brother and is the second GEAR to be made combat ready. Unlike his brother, Jeuno still resides in his human form; therefore his body can recycle large amounts of energy to store when needed. Although highly stable, Jeuno's control data is out dated. His GEAR form is usually triggered by situations of high stress, adrenalin or fear.

Deus - GEARS-RX02 ... also known as the KIZER WOLF, this red GEAR is the creation of Doctor Karr's vision of a perfect WERE GEAR. He was made using compiled data of Zeto's combat strengths and Jeuno's superior stability ratings. He is slightly older than the other test children, which brings plenty of confidence in himself. He has it in him that he is the most powerful GEAR created. What he has is the most powerful weapon created for a GEAR, the PLANET SPLITTER BEAM. As an experimental weapon, it has its flaws, one of them being the limited amount of times he can use it due to the large amount of energy needed to generate its beam.

Tress - GEARS-RX03 ... A charismatic boy who acts much older than he is, Tress is one of the most sophisticated GEARS made. His ARMOR being the ever cunning VAMPIRE GEAR, Tress boasts high technology and better stability than most GEAR. The fourth GEAR but second oldest of the test children, he knows much about GEAR control and enemy combat stats. His GEAR form is no less prepared. It comes equipped with a variety of weapons and skills, which easily made him one of the leading GEARS in the EMPIRECAL ARMADA of Earth. Being high class, Tress isn’t the type to take critics lightly. His calm manner and well spoke ness, cloaks his short temper. He does, however, have a weakness for girls. Riette is his right hand man.

Raz - A survivor of the world wide genocide that was ensued when the ARMADA started its campaign and the Earths resources began to deplete. She’s the curious type that loves to investigate, often getting her into strange situations. This never bothers her because it gives her something new to understand. She's a fearless pilot, trained by her father Grendu, and leads the OASIS members to battle in her ARMOR, LIBERTY. Raz makes friends with Jeuno soon after he appears on Earth, and decides on her own to help remap his memory.

Jack - The second in command for the OASIS group, Jack is well trusted around his friends. A big guy and a hero to the village of OASIS most people have no choice but to look up to him. He’s always on the look out for Raz, since they grew up together. And perhaps there’s a more romantic interest, but that’s usually blocked out due to the fact that Raz only shows interest in him during battle.

Shin Xiao - Known for creating the stim cell. He loves children, and could never get enough of working with them. Naive and often lets his insecurities get in the way of his judgment. Xiao always had in mind, a creation that would bring forth the renewal of the Earth Sphere. After many failures, he began the stim cell project. His idea was to create an organic form of recycling energy, similar to the sun. With this, life on earth could continue instead of decay. Unfortunately his research could only be funded by a weapons company. His stim cells became the back bone for the GEAR project, the soon after -the GEARS weapons project. He died in the Olympia revolt of 2098.

Michel Karr - The foreman of the research department of the Olympia Company. Karr always had ambitions of surpassing all the other companies in weapons development. He saw the potential for weapons grade strength in the stim cell research of Doctor Xiao, and decided to use him. Offering a high position and funding for his research, Doctor Karr easily bought Xiao's genius. Using Xiao’s' stim cells, Karr was able to create the first organic ARMOR. After Victor became president, Karr took control of all the research done in the labs, and placed the emphasis on the GEARS project.

Hawkeye - A Native American nerd who runs the AWKS command for the OASIS squadron. He only speaks when he deems it necessary and makes his opinions count. They say his glasses can see through walls, but that’s just a sick rumor...

Zen - GEARS-RX100 ... MONSTER GEAR: Hidden in the clock tower of the ARMADA's CITY FORTRESS, Zen lives a lonely life. After several years’ worth of experimentation, Zen was created to be the most powerful GEAR ever made. Karr, was sill not satisfied, and considered Zen a failure. Zen, being loving and kind to his master for keeping him alive and sheltering him, only saw this as a failure to be a good son. For this, he accepts his isolation from the rest of civilization, spending time watching over the city he has grown to admire. His only real company being Karr's secratary Dessy, who is in charge of looking after Zen.

Qattru - GEARS-RX04 ... MUMMY GEAR: Also called the Pharaoh of ARMADA, named as this for being their master strategist and mediator of the Colony. Outspoken and keen minded, he knows what to say and when to say it. Qattru is well known in the ARMADA high life, but he's never found around them. He has many enemies, but many friends alike. Not the type to get into battle, he's still to be feared on the field. Known to have destroyed many ace pilots with one (well placed) move, he can think fast and strict with precision. Though he is under control of Karr, his reasons for voluntarily helping the ARMADA is shrouded in mystery. Spends most of his time playing checkers... not chess. He takes that quite personally, being that he believes "simple plans are always the most efficient".

Faze - GEARS-RX06 ... DECAY GEAR: A.K.A. the ZOMBIE GEAR. His specialty being immortality, to the extent of regeneration. Interesting enough it was rumored that Faze is actually the boy used in the original GEAR project, but it’s just a rumor being that all three test subjects for GEAR died. By reviving dead cells Faze can multiply his cell count on command, and regenerate or even add to its molecular count. The possibilities are endless for this GEAR, not to mention his exceptional strength and power. However, Faze's stim cell program was faulty, and his ability to regenerate cells has actually dropped his life span. He gets closer to death as he uses his powers. In a rage of vengeance he began to use his unique stim cell program as a virus. Turning any organism into a DECAY GEAR under his power. The ARMADA strangely enough, is greatly pleased with these results, and fully taming Faze has become a high priority for them.

Riette - GEARS-RX07 ... BONES GEAR: The most flexible GEAR and most feminine of the ARMADA's test children. Being part of the ARMADA's high life is all the motivation that he needs to go out and kill people. He loves the Russian ballet, and although it’s virtually none existent, he continues to boast on how he'd be a great addition to it. Most of Riette's dreams and fantasies come from history books and old women’s' magazines, so there’s no doubt on why he lives in the past. Riette is in love with Tress, and would do anything for his approval. Tress finds Riette amusing, and they often spend time discussing history and art.


Nuve - GEARS-RX09 ... KILLER GEAR: During his creation he became clinically dead twice, Nuve is living on borrowed time. His body gave up twice, but in his GEAR form he is unstoppable. Built to take on any type of abuse and damage, this GEAR will keep coming back for more. His only weapon is his neo titanium chain saw, which he uses uncontrollably. His name comes from his growing lust for blood, which is why he's feared even among his allies... Even though he is 12 years old, Nuve is those types that spend their time alone contemplating bad things... Mostly killing people... But it includes other bad things too... Although the experiments killed him twice, Nuve feels he owes the ARMADA some sort of debt (although it isn’t known what kind of debt), which is why he continues to be loyal to them.

Diez - GEARS-RX10 ... GHOST GEAR: Almost six years worth of research brought this deadly bio weapon to completion. The GHOST GEAR is the first long range combat GEAR created. Built to be the perfect sniper, the GHOST is a space type GEAR equipped with state of the art cloaking devices, and a powerful RAIL GUN, the GALAXY SPEAR. Diez is mute, blind, deaf, and crippled in human form because of all the Cell research done on him in an attempt to reproduce his completion. This however makes him an even better sniper. Diez can wait months for his target to be available, undetected even at close range, and can make his shot from hundredth of thousands of miles away. His Cloak is flawed in the way that he is only visible after firing a shot, due to the heat emission from the RAIL GUN itself. He compensates this by creating decoys that disrupt radar and visual contacts with him. Because of the power he has gained, Diez has become a lunatic, who often finds himself playing games of cat and mouse with his victims. He always wins.

Vynta Millia - GEERA-YX .0001 ... DEVIL GEAR: A once cheerful girl, Millia was one of the three children that died in the original GEAR project in 2061. Millia was kept in a near death stasis for years until her body gave up in 2065. Her body was almost completely destroyed, and the research done on her was lost. Despite the situation, Doctor Xiao refused to let her die, and was inspired into developing a more potent stim cell process. 2068, Millia was clinically revived after being dead for 3 years, being the first human to have regenerated her cells, brought back from the dead. Xiao continued this research in order to understand the barrier that he had crossed.

Vynta Infinity - GEERA-YX ... DEATH GEAR: She once said "...the earth would die a slow and painful death, my purpose is to accelerate the inevitable and release it to heaven...” An intelligent young girl, Fina assisted Xiao on the first two projects during GEA, the original GEAR project. After watching both fail, she decided that the next one would be herself. Her help on the research boosted the results and rushed the GEA project forward. This paved the way to the modern stim cells used for GEAR. However, the extensive damage done to her body was enough to render her a vegetable, and not too long after, died. With the death of the other two children and Fina's death in 66, Xiao pushed himself into creating a more potent stim cell process. December of 2068, Millia, Faze, and Fina were all resurrected. When Fina returned, Doctor Xiao saw a different person in her. "I have not changed, only the world around me has." The two girls were returned to sleep in 2069, to complete the cell process in a controlled state. Faze continued to be used for further experiments, and secretly passed on to the newer GEARS project.

whooo, ok that took longer than i though... but oh well, you can tell i spell checked it and all... (not much of this either ->...<-). The serial numbers on the side of some names is how their often referred to by some characters, so i added them. So thats all i have for now, hope it was interesting. It would have been nice if there were a section for this, or am i asking for too much?

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