No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 4/9/2004 11:12:44 PM
SANITARIO ALL YOUS PEOPLES... IVE FINISHED THE UPDATES ON THE CHIBBI FIGURES OF US....AND I MIGHT SAY IT WAS QUITE A LEARNING EXPERIENCE... THAT BEING BECOUSE I USED PHOTOSHOP....THE WHOLE TIME!!!! what i mean is that for the past lifetime ive been using "paint"...yes know...the little bucket of brushes found in your accessories folder on your computer.....thats for those of you who DONT use a MAC... if u dont know wut im talking about then your just fine....becouse that means that your rolling with the times... thanks to Joshua... ive been introduced to the twentyfirst century... ever since my 98 broke down [ yes i also use a 98...surprise...] he installed a bunch of goodies on it, including photoshop [i think its version 6.0 or wut ever...] anywho...i who have been practically living in a cave was fearful of coming out and using it... but i got around to it when i decided that the old Chibbi heads i did for the code adams site message board were outdated...[ironic eh?]... So anywho...there they are... i started with mine becouse the color scheme for JORUJI was already though up...but since ive been doin the comic in black an white JASUSERU and JOSHIA never have been done in color well now I know how they look like in color too.....heh.....

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