No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 7/22/2004 4:50:18 PM
every day i learn somthing new... and its a constant thing...which something i apreciate... now i ask you out there... no need to respond but just think about it... HOW THE HELL CAN SOMEONE CUT THEIR FINGER WITH THEIR OWN HAIR?!! now this probably will further justify josh's "dirty grimy hair" theory [although i do keep my hair clean... just that josh doesnt know the diffrence between grime and hair gel...] but how the hell!? Im making a pony tail... which is actually a new thing for me...[ yes ladies and gentlmen my hair is as long as it looks on the chibbi... probably longer by now since those things are old!! should have updated them while i had the chance... but josh was on a website hiatus back then...and the neo chibbis were on the e-machine...]... anywho i pull my hair back with my right hand and all of a sudden my finger gets a sharp pain... i look at it and theres a deep papercut like slash on the tip of my finger...!!! wtf!!?? i looked at the rubber band to see if it had some sort of sharp object then i check my hair...nothing... the only simple explination was that when i pulled my hair back...the rubber band streched it out stiff enough for my finger to glide over the hair, and cut it... it bled like crazy too!...w/e... i went and told arelys what happened and she told me i was crazy and abnormal...[like always] then toldme that barbers couldnt walk bare foot cause hair could poke the bottom of your feet like needles... but she continued to disapprove my story that i slashed my finger with my hair... so i just put a bandage on and continued to do the take-offs for harbor oaks...which are a pain since the architect must have been on crack becouse the drawings were contraversial to each other... anywho.. i guess ima go pay my phone bill since they disconnected my cell... rebecca is gonna be upset becouse i couldnt call her today... oy... better make more soup...i love you my HIME!!! ...JOSH!!! pick a time when im not busy to give me the half life key... its not like we have to do it as soon as possible... im not gonna die tomorrow... not allowed to yet... yeah and jasser... stop being a homo... im not homophobic so acting like to bother just makes you look like an idiot... funny, but idiotic... sanitario everybody... im off to figure out how im gonna get josh that button... although i bet i can find it in canada... since its the best place to keep it: nobody is up for blowing themselves up ya know...

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