No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 5/21/2008 10:49:58 PM
Well as of today we are ready for bankrupt!

Just kidding...

Jasser Im gonna send you some supplimental material for your inking, since I can't use you as of now. Im gonna inform Jayro to attend the meeting this Sunday, since his skills are up to par. They still need work, but heck so do mine. Dre, your work so far has been good... But It can get better. What I want is something that will get me to say: "HOW THE F**** DID HE DO THAT!?".So far I can pretty much muster up how you completed the last peices and when I showed you the Zlucy ZEPHYR sketch you weren't sure where to start. When you are ready, you wont have to ask me. I'm gonna have all three of you inking, and drawing, and toning like MACHINES!!!

Josh, Im gonna start writing again so are gonna share some ideas as well this Sunday!

Well im gonna get back to work on my own inking. SALUT!

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