No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 4/27/2008 7:57:18 AM

Anywho... Its been a while since I've ranted. The real reason was that I really wanted to get something done before I got back online. So far I've only gotton some practice and concepts developed for Zlucy, but no real push to the story. I began reading several refrence books on writing but nothing too technical (I suffer reading). Still, I cannot push reading aside anylonger. Not if I plan on becoming a writer myself.

I've learned alot about character development and role playing, and it seems that Im not quite writing what is considered to be characters that can "hold their own". So far this has been my mission.

School has been another option to tweek my writitng, but since my last semester (2004) I think I've developed a phobia for MDCC. Although my last visit wasn't as uncomfortable, so mabey I can give it a try once again. Or try a diffrent school. That all falls on how empty my pocket is.

Josh has spoken about going outta the country for a few years and I've been reflecting on how that will affect my work here on the site and my own projects as well. He's also got plans for moving SAMNIN along by this year. Hopefully this will inspire me to push my writing.

I havent been really just sitting on my ass. Its been practice and practice- but really an artist should be expected to have something to show for once in a while so I dont feel like I've progressed with my material as I have in skill.

With this said, Im considering (which is probably not a decision that Im gonna have a choice for) working with Xaviers in his gallery. Although he doesnt have a venue anymore, his spunkyness makes me feel like he can pull this off.

Funny how a diffrent personality can make something so profoundly impossible seem so easy. Although now Im left with how I fit in with the Graff/Tattoo community, and what kind of artwork would I contribute that would reflect this cult style. I sure as hell cant just paint turtles... Or can I?

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