No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 1/14/2008 11:31:31 PM
AH, it seems I've found some time to rant. I guess I let enough time accumilate where I can finally write a few lines down of my lowley routines... As always my new side job has been takeing a toll on my stamina. I've even turned to vitamins for help. Cant seem to find time to just hang around with friends like I used to. Its funny though becouse I remmber having so much free time. Now I feel like Im neglecting everyone. So while I have the Chance I'll send a formal apology...

Sorry guys, I suck...

The worst part being that a good half of my friends dont check this site out of better judgment so this apology is most likely wasted...

Sleep has become a shy woman to me and SHE JUST DOESNT WANT TO GIVE IT UP!!!

Alas I take this perfectly good time to sleep to rant away! Lately been taking time during work to write some stuff for Zlucy since Josh is in charge of Samnin. Havent read anything that he has written yet. Dunno if its becouse It's not finished, or my own fear of how it will turn out. Of coarse I still trust Josh to be a better writer (fictional or not). For now its his baby. Theres still that one painting that I started working on around since november, but wont get to work on it probably till mid april. Speaking of that... Japan!

End of March to the beginning of April.... A WEEK WHICH WILL LIVE IN INFAMY!!!!

Gonna check my account right now to see if everything is in order so I can make myself I nice money stack like Josh!!! Gotta book by the end of this week, hopefully ^_^'' And me and Dre have our work cut out for ourselves. We gotta finish PROJECT SUNSET by the end of this week to make way for PROJECT COCONUTGROVE (none of these damn places are near home!!!). SIX WALLS FROM HELL... or at least of conventional malcomfort... A bamboo pattern for a spa, shouldnt be anywhere near as tough as our starting piece of the underwater/beachside/cityscape/stiltsville... I will stay frosty for this one. Probably wont get payed as well either, but then again I havent spoken to the clients yet. Will most likely do that tomorrow. OI.

I think thats enough for now, Oh one more thing... Wanted to thank Josh for the <<REMOVED BY MODERATOR>> ... BTW Im past the first year so I've already gained some experince points (tee hee). You know what I mean(blush blush)!!! Misaki is SOOOOO CUUUUTE!!! Oh my... better end this befor I "overflow"

end transmission

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