No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 4/1/2007 7:20:49 PM

I guess I've held off ranting long enough so that much as accumilated. Not entirely the best way to find something to write about, but then again, I'm here writing aint I?

I guess I can sum up last month as troublesome. Mostly becouse many of its problems rolled over to this month.

Got to see Jasser about a week ago, he seems to be doing good and keeping busy. We got together at Josh's house for buisness, or at least that I call it. It seemed that Josh and Jasser had a "meeting" planned under that day, but I already had some boxing planned for that day. I now have added some work to be done thanks to some advice from Arelys.

My newest project Zlucy, has been on the work for this whole month. It started as an idea I pitched to Josh for producing SamNin, and had formulated into a random story on its own merely for the sake of testing the new methods. However the project has grown on me, and I'm now very dedicated to it. The biggest problem has been to gather the actors I had chosen. It's all volunteer work, so motivation is very hard to bring about. Also issues between them have placed future photo sessions on hold for now, so the side work is what I've concentrated my time to. The project its self is a joint production between me and Dre, and the constant travel between my house and his has become stressfull. Although that doesn't bother me as much as my flawed ability to get distracted easily. I've had plently of distractions this month. After the first shoot, the true scale of the project showed through, Dre and I are facing mabey 600+ cells to work with, all by hand. I have managed to organize the system quite a bit, mostly by dividing the cells with their proper sequence, and grouping similar shots that might be used. Aside from that, two official pages have been organized, but are not finished. Dre has been a great help with the page set ups and the clean up process with the cells. What I've recently been working on is the Mechanical designs. Zlucy will incorporate a plethora of special effects, as well as environments and characters I will have to draw out. The main mech itself, the Zephyr has got its main design down and I'm drawing its details and angles for the future shots. I designed it as a giant mechanized ninja (gee - how surprising) and its fighitn style relys on fast manuverability and surprise attacks from its vast array of weapons and traps. The Zephyr is the US military budgets worst nightmare. I've also drawn designs for the national guard mechanized unit and the smaller scale police units. Also there are the enemy mecha to consider. It's so far a fun project, hopefully the problems already at hand won't kill it.

On other notes, I don't know what the status for the site is, last I remmember it was being worked on. I havent spoken to Josh for a few days ago, since I had forgeten a date we had. Hope he isn't mad at me. I better call him soon ;)

There are some interesting this I want to show him, as well as a book I got ahold of. Its called Samurai & Ninja: Action Scene Collection. Its disgracefully part of the how to draw manga line, but the book itself actually has use. It stars actor Watanabe Masahiro and places him a diffrent wardrobes and poses that will definitely make my work a bit more fruitfull.

Aside from all the buisness (and personal problems that will not make an appearance on this rant) I guess thats all that need be said for today.

Back to the drawing board.

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