No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 1/1/2007 11:45:52 AM
Hmm, well Josh, motivation is a thing unique to everyone. What gets me to work, most likey wont get you to work. However I've noticed that we do like to work under the same conditions, meaning last-minute-the-night-before-its-due-with-only-a-few-hours-left-and-everyone-is-counting-on-you-to-complete-the-project...(just like all of my highschool stuff). What we don't have is someone that makes you respond that way or makes you accountable. I mean what do you care if I say do this for monday, when you know that I'm in no hurry for anything anyways. Aside from actually getting down to work, I think you have to already have some drive. I mean I dont have to draw. Sometimes I dont want to draw. Its something I'm good at, and it makes me feel good when I feel I've pushed myself or improved. Its one of the few things I have to measure my own achievements. Its not like winning in games or seeing a movie the other guy hasnt first, or knowing more about gundam than anyone I know... Its better. For while I thought that your computer stuff was like my art stuff Josh. And Its possible it is, but since your job involves so much of it, its also possible your bored of it and would rather be doing something else. I know I've had the feeling.

Then there's those times you decide you want to work, but you stare at the blank paper and its overwhelming. You begin to over analyse before you've even started. Next thing you know you've distracted yourself and your doing something else altogether. I try to find ways around it. For instance, a blank page can look like a lot of work, and sometimes its good to just dive in without thinking, just to get your hand moving. However, I find myself doing lots of random crap when that happens and nothing usefull will get drawn (as if that ever happens). So I'll draw on notebook paper, becouse the lines make it look like the page is half done anyways. Or I'll look for some colored paper, maby an off-white color, its for some reason alot less intimidating.

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