No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 11/26/2006 9:49:01 AM
Well, its seems I ran myself into an all-nighter... A few hours ago my mom opened my door and told me I was crazy. Cuz I just showerd at 5 O'clock? Cuz I'm seriously at work on my comic book and art skillz in general. She even asked If I had these drawings due monday. I WISH!!! That'd be awsome, cuz it means that I'd be getting paid for it!!!

Oye, day light sort of snuck up on me. I does that when I get into a drawing with my favorite music on and nobody disturbing.BTW, PLAYER(full version) by ORIGA from THE GHOST IN THE SHELL >STAND ALONE COMPLEX< :SOLID STATE SOCIETY OST has become avialable on do I get that hyperlink up!?). Thats just fine anyways, putting some final detail in what is just the draft version of another anime color work I'm planning to make. They however, require scanning since Josh cringes on the idea of me painting on originals (he hasn't said anything specific, but when you go "-and your painting on the original!?" with that "are you crazy" tone, then I know that I should scan...). So far I have two that need scanning and one more that I want a second opinion on. One was previously scanned but I added some touches to it ^_^. I want a few drawings ready so I can polish up my painting skillz. I'll possibly make this cover art if I ever get this comic started, but more on that later. I might go far as if to even restart my old portfolio... Wait a minute, I guess I should say Im going to *AHEM*start my own portfolio considering my old one is like 4 years old, YEESHH. Since my mother rants about me going to school, I'll only consider art school so as to keep my sanity. That will ofcoarse will clash with my plans of going to Japan. Then again, everything clashes with my trip to Japan. I'm also in the need of a new computer, but I know that won't happen for the holidays, so I'll probably have to do every possible overtime chance that I get. Then there is my serious need of a scanner. I mean I can't travel that much everytime I wan't to tinker with a drawing on the PC. Hmm, my keyboard is flushed with eraser trash...

My mom just cam into the room(hair all messed up) and asked if I was still up... being that I'm on the computer and concious, I didn't answer...Now she called me krazy.

Oh yeah on story... Plenty of work has been done, and needless to say an intersting formation of scenes are slowly but surely becoming (dare I say it) interesting. I do still have lots to write, becouse most of this is scribbled in paragraph webs and in small notes I do during work. Seriously, my job is so mindless I'm actually developing intricate plot lines and character development, while I stretch artwork or cut molding. Unfortunately I dont get paid for that half of the day. And the other half is still in my head, which I want very much to be out already. I sometimes tend to wonder if Josh, Jayro, Mando or even Jasser (such weird names eh?) have come up with something kool they'd like to see happen in the story... If they do, please... PLEASE don't hesitate to say. I'm open, to story ideas from any of you guys... Oh you too Dre.

It seems I killed a precious hour on this rant. I shall get back to the slaving *back snaps in a terrible fashion* OOOHHH!!! It hurts!!!, but not as much as Jasser does with out sideburns!!!

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