No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 4/25/2006 12:14:24 AM
Eh? Explorer just popped up the JR site...W-wait!! Now!? Out of all this time, now is when the F*cking internet works!?

I'll take this time to quickly say that Josh isn't the only one behind schedual. Well, I never really had a schedual, but I like to think I do. Been mostly killing time setting up my now usual concept art, and story board. Although I do admit that my artwork has improved, and Josh seems to be gloting alot about that being part of his plan, neither the site nor samnin itself is anywhere near at a satisfactory level of completion. There seem to be too many distractions.

The convention is coming up and I'm putting together a Basuketsu and dereyu costume so as to enjoy my first con in true anime fan style. I just hope me and Dre aren't the only ones going in cosplay. Had hoped that Josh would perk himself up and join in on the fun, but he decided against it since the character he wanted to be seems to be too expensive to put together. A shame really.

Talking about expenses, it seems money and savings has become a serious issue for Jorge. I'm having trouble saving money due to the rent I'm paying. My younger sister is freeloading off me and its ticking me off (off topic and turing into blog so I'll avoid). I calculated that to be able to make the Jap trip, Id have to save at least $400 a month for 2 years to be able to make minimum. Thats not going to happen since we're so many months into the year and I'm getting bogged my expenses. And regardless of the fact that my younger sister has a higher paying job than I do, my parents refuse to collect from her...

I better stop, I'm making myself angery. Going to continue the concept art... And mabey soon, If you pray really, really hard, you'll see the artwork on the new site. However, I have a better chance of winning the lottery twice on friday the thirteenth after stepping on a black cats tail and having the damn thing chase me under a ladder in a room full of fragile glass.


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