No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 3/17/2006 10:12:25 PM

The other night, Josh challenged me to a duel. He sort of rushed in while I was working on "The Poster". Funny how I've been getting so many interruptions lately. Always when I'm doing a project is when everyone wants to see Jorge...

Anywho, for the purpose of the next meeting I won't go into detail why he challenged me. But I will say this.. It wasnt one of our normal duels...

He started off more fierce than usual... Ok, Josh was in a rage. This is a rare occasion, and I shouldn't have taken it so lightly, but since it is so rare... You'd most likely take it for granted as well. And so I was caught off guard at first.

He started this match with a very dramatic charge. I don't know how I managed to parry because there was a sh*t load of weight behind that attack. I broke off the attack and he positioned himself in his low sweep stance. We did our usual circle, always maintaining eye contact. You wouldn't belive how much information you can get about your opponents next move, just by his eyes. Anyways, we began the initial attack... Got him a few times on the side torso, and he nipped me at the legs and almost took my cheek one time(bastard!). Its funny though, through the middle of the fight I thought I was winning. If we were keeping score, Id have a bigger lead since I was hitting better kill spots.

However, Josh and I duel to a diffrent set of rules. The only basic rule being that who ever yeilds first loses.

Normally Josh picks a low arch position and swings for my knees, I usually retort and go for a torso beat after his initial swing. The last move though, he got a beat on me... Got me on my retort. My pinky was tapped...

Ill remind the readers that Josh and I duel with out armor, heck I was so exited for a fight I forgot to wear my gloves (big mistake).

And so the pinky was tapped, and I yielded. I wish I was hit a little higher at the wrist. Would have hurt 1,000 times less. The swipe was so hard that the skin exploded off and some of the area near the wound, including other fingers were bruised. You wouldn't think it since it took a few seconds for me to realize I was hit, and blow barley made any snapping noise. The worse part being that it hit my right hand (the drawing hand).

Funny enough, I though he hit my thumb at first since it is easier to hit after a swing, but I didn't even begin to swing by the time his blade hit me.

After the initial hit, I sort of dropped my sword in defeat... "I'm done" is all I said...

Josh then swings his sword at my face and tosses it out into the field we chose as our battle ground... He was still in a rage mind you. After that, he sort of dropped on the grass and sighed. I did the same.

We just sat there for a while...

I left to go Ice my hand, and Josh went for a walk... It was a weird night.

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