No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 3/2/2006 4:47:54 PM

This is Jorge (abviously)...

This is my third rant with you guys still not doing the same. Im saddened, and disappointed... No, OUTRAGED!

Some ranting is needed. I remmber I had to scroll like 5 times to see the whole page!! Now look at this... Pathetic!

Anywho, in other news. Im randomly going back to my (literally)middle school days. Not saying it was a really long time ago since I was in middle school, I mean I just graduated '04. Yes, what I mean is "ANTY'S ADVENTURES!"

I dont really think even Josh knows what the hell I'm talking about. It doesnt matter. What the real issue is that there are too many things that I havent practiced. ANTY is actually my first originally made cartoon character. He came with a rather large cast of supporting characters as well... most of which have designs I can't really remember. But ANTY is well... an ant, so he is really simple to draw. Which is why I've chosen him as a pallet to test all future SAMNIN tools. I won't only be using ANTY, I'm working on a spoof I decided to call "Parallel Universe SAMNIN". To explain what that is, it's basically a mesh between SAMNIN, and the regular stuff that happens to us in real life. I have a few spoofs ready to draw, but I need to work on my script writing. "PU-SAMNIN" (yes, it was done purposely) is to be a short mini comic at the end of every full SAMNIN episode, as well as in between the time it takes me to put together the next one. So far thats how I'm going to organize my work, and although it seems like at lot at one time, its not really. Only reason SAMNIN has slowdowns is becouse there are 4 heads trying to work one day every once in a while. We dont have any individual work to go around exept for me. So if I dont work, SAMNIN doesnt work either. Unfortunately I'm writing as well. Althought the first script didn't do so bad, it didn't do so great either. I can usually tell these things. What I'm really killing myself over is to see if I can get some intrest in the story from the guys. They all pretty much get the jist of it, but they don't seem to be in to it. Most likely I'm going to write another script. And I'll gladly do it too. It's a dream of mine to create a comic, ever since the medium was presented to me. Hopefully all these crashes means Im going to be able to fly soon.

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