No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 1/25/2006 7:24:06 PM

Yay Update Update!!!

Actually this rant is the only update being done on this site...

Anywho, Lately Jorge has been writitng. And Writing. And Writing. Im not even tired yet, even after writing practically this whole week. hopefully my drawing hasnt suffered.

Josh replied my last rant with a visit to my house. But the visit ran cold since I had Alvaro there and we were playing Viewtiful Joe.

"Devil May Crys a Rocki'n Baby!!"

Hopefully me and Josh can get back to discussing our pending project.

In other news, my computer seems to be taking a little more torcher since I'm leaving the top open for it. I'm planning on getting it one of those little computer radiators to cool it down. Hopefully it wont cost that much of a pretty penny.

Aside from that I did alot of gaming with Edgar, and it seems that were catching up with the ol days. Gonna see if I can bring him over to one of our paintball days, that should be great. I've offered him a job app for my work place, and also tossed him the idea of Primerica. Dre's working at his sisters job now too, so he can also pay for a round-o-paintball.

Hey Josh, when are we going to finish watching silent mobious. I hope your not watching it with out me, it has alot of NGears aspects that I'm interested in.

Well I guess thats about as much as I can write off the top of my head on new occurances. Hopefully this inspires the other guys to write as well.

This is red leader, out.

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