No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 1/12/2006 12:29:57 AM

Well Josh said a mouthfull, and yes it did sound alot like his primerica voicemail. Well enough about Josh's pep talk. I'll cover whats new and what moving.

As Josh said designs are sluggish. Well art wise perhaps but that irrelevant when our story is sluggish. Were working on it. Honestly, we are! I'm working very closely with Josh on the "details" but I'm also working on my own with some ideas and stuff, just as he is with our back story. I may be upping the 23+ characters, and the paper I'm writing as a supplemental for Josh includes most of the story and a profile for each character. And its in alphabetical order, so you know Jorge put some thought into it ^_^

Aside from that, we relaxed our brains with some inspirational movie watching. It started with anime, some Silent Mobius here and there, and moved on to stuff more on our topic, Mad Max! We watched beyond thunderdome, and I remmber a few minutes into the movie, Josh was like we should have gotten road warrior... On a side note, has anyone out there seen the post man? If so, click Josh's name, and send him emails letting him know what you thought. Hes got me trying to believe the movie doesn't even exist. Oi!

Anywho, I've been doin some NGEARS art as well since Josh wanted me to stop the SAMNIN art for a while. Interesting work has come up, and I may have a new script for that story as well.

On a last note, I'm reading Ecole du Ciel, which is another spin off of the gundam universe. I like it, and am looking for the second volume... MUST FIND!

Well guess thats it for the update, gotta go to work tomorrow and make some picture frames...


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