No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 11/30/2005 3:33:22 PM

Quick note: Josh let me know what was it that you had planned for the coffee shop scene at the end of episode one, something to do with the shop keeper chick.

By some sort of strange miracle, the internet has continued to work all into the afternoon. Usually it dies right after twelve. Anywho this brings to me a great opportunity to rant away. And I shall!

Well being that the first episode is so friggin long, I'm going to have to set the next meeting for the script as well. Didn't know this would take so long. Actually I blame mostly Jasser's job, since the first episode includes so much of his antics that it requires his presence through out most of the meeting [so much for being forced, now he's an obligation]. A good 3/4 of the script is finished and I have to find the "missing" first half. The first episode seems to be bringing its own good amount of set-backs. I also plan to scan the rest of the story board, and once episode two storyboard is ready I'll have to scan those ahead of time as well. Josh says this will make things more streamline from what I understand.

The last batch of main chibbis has been finished, however I've indulged in making other "misc. chibbis" as well. I guess these could possibly be shared within the group or be extras for us. Hmm, yes Josh that sounds like an intersting idea... Chibbi page hehe.

Jasser If you coiuld bring me my pencils and any art work you wish to present to me, this week would be a good time...

Oh an Josh let me know when were doing the paint ball thing, Its been too long...

Aside from all that, sanitario!

Blue leader, you've got point.

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