No Seppuku Allowed

Post Date: 7/11/2005 1:48:41 AM

There seems to be a lack of comunication among the JR project group. Its been at least a month since we've met, and productivity has suffered for it. Josh just recently ranted about updates [so lets see somemore man, theres plenty to show!!], and I think Josh might have outlived Jasser cause now he's the one whos possibly dead.

Heard something from Josh of promising work with the last storyboard, but really haven't sat down with him and discussed it. Thats primarily what I'm waiting for. That and for Jasser to rant. It seems it has become my job to complain. Call him Josh, and begin the scolding!

Going to get specific on what I want from the samnin pages so that Josh has less thinking to do. That is unless he has ideas of his own, but I wouldn't know that since we haven't had a meeting!

This is Jorge-----> > . < [grrr]

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